• Token

    Butterfly Protocol tokens (BFLY) are publicly traded on several exchanges.


    Other ways to trade include

    View Governance Token Contract on
    Etherscan here.

    Maximum total supply will drop from the original 100 million when Top-Level Domains are sponsored. As of June 2021, close to 1 million or 1% of total supply has already been burned.

    Original Tokenomics

    The tokenomics around Butterfly are in place to bring hundreds or thousands of new Top-Level Domains (TLD) to the decentralized web. Each TLD is sponsored with either a community focused TLD or a private TLD. The tokenomics around a public TLD is based on a decreasing use of BFLY starting at the original 10,000 being burned to create a new TLD and decreasing over time to the minimum of 100. Private sponsorship requires 100,000 BFLY and then give the sponsor takeover rights for the TLD.

    All TLDs are ERC-721 tokens and carry on as the respective TLD Root. However, private TLD sponsors can have the root locked and then take the TLD cross chain. This opens up a significant range of opportunities for sponsors.

    See the original tokenomics here.