• The Decentralized Naming System for the New Internet

    Blockchain Domains, Flexible Naming, True Ownership, Censorship Resistant, Decentralized control

    For Current Top-Level Domains

    Sponsor Top-Level Domains

    Butterfly is more than a replacement. It’s an upgrade.

    Censorship Resistance

    Websites are constantly being blocked by hostile state actors. With Butterfly, your name lives on the blockchain forever and can’t be taken down.

    Decentralized Control

    Butterfly takes control back from centralized authorities and gives it to the people who own the names.

    True Ownership

    You found the perfect name for your site, so why should you pay every year just to keep it? Or get it taken away just because you pissed the wrong people off? With Butterfly, when you own a name, you own it forever.

    Flexible Naming

    With the existing system, you are limited to simple ASCII characters. With Butterfly, you can use Chinese names like 商业 and even emojis.☺

    Global Identification

    One name, many ways to connect. A single name can go to your website, used to send you a secure message, or link to a crypto wallet.


    Not only can you sell names you own through the built-in auction site, but you can sell sub names too. With Butterfly, making money from online properties is no longer the domain of squatters.

    Future Proof

    Everything in Butterfly can be upgraded from how the record is stored to where it points.


    Install the simple browser extension and you are ready to access the new internet. There are no servers to install, and no need trying to figure out what the heck a C record is.